Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hair that's Hot

Summertime is the worst when you are trying to do your hair. Between hot weather, hot irons, hairdryers, it all becomes a hot sweaty mess... So when the three H's are in effect I like to skip all of that hair styling madness and just let my hair be natural. Unfortunately, with the wrong products this can leave me looking a hot mess. I tried Hair Milk from Carol's Daughter recently and have been using it pretty consistently. It gives my hair just the right amount of moisture so that it isn't too greasy or weighed down. My only complaint is its lemon scent, which isn't offensive, but just not my kinda smell I suppose ... All in all, I will be using this product for a while and am curious to check out some more hair products from CD now. Try their Best Tressed Hair Set which includes shampoo, conditioner, elixir, hair milk and hair honey!

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