Saturday, December 11, 2010

Would You Dare To Wear?

Leighton Meester's lace Marchesa jumpsuit. Do you love it or hate it?

I'm pretty in to it. It would be nice if it left a little more to the imagination, but the sweet yet naughty edginess of black lace always appeals to me. Even though it should be too much, the vintage, almost burlesque sexiness makes it work. It's different than anything I've seen lately, while still remaining really current.
I don't know if I'd ever have the cajones to wear it, but my inner skank is giving this two thumbs up.

Who Wore It Best? Ciara VS. Kim K.

Kim Kardashian and Ciara both wear a dress from Carven's Fall 2010 line. Kim in Paris, Sept. 16th, Ciara in NYC Oct. 25th.

Damn! Down to the shoes and everything! I honestly want to hand this one to Ciara, as a curvy girl myself I know sometimes all that ruffle and poof just makes you look a bit too "fluffy".
However, Something inside me just won't allow me to let Ciara to get away with this one...even the same shoes? A month and a half later? They're friends, they hang out! She should have damn well known what this would look like!
I'm all for sharing a deal with a friend, but they don't need deals, and this is the red carpet we're talking about. I'm saying, what part of the game is scrap collecting? Pure chickenheadry. The dress isn't even that hot to be digging through your homegirls salvation army bags like that.

Kim, you win this round.

Stocking Stuffers Courtesy Of Vivienne Westwood

Snatch one of these notebooks up for the woman who loves a little fashion when jotting down thier deep, or not so deep thoughts.
Find these and more in the gift section of the Vivienne Westwood site.

Racism and Cupcakes?

This controversial Duncan Hines commercial has been getting pulled after multiple complaints that the advertisement is blatantly racist.
It probably is, but it seems more ignorant and insensitive to me than anything. I don't really think there was a conspiracy to hold people down through use of cupcakes. What do you think?

Sneak Preview For The Upcoming Kanye West Video MONSTER

Boo! Sexy zombies and creepy dead chicks are alright by me. I love a good scare so I can't wait to see this video in its entirety.


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Monday, December 6, 2010

Zara Introduces Its Evening Collection.

With countless invites to holiday fetes piling up in your mailbox you may be starting to run short of dresses to don. Have no fear! Zara has released a new evening collection just in time for all your party outfit needs!
With lots of cute pieces to choose from you'll always be the belle of the ball...Now where will I wear that bow-tie number to???

In Zara stores now.

Friday, December 3, 2010

From Police Brutality Victim To Millionaire In 5 Years, It Could Happen To You...

The N.Y. Post (boooo we don't support that paper) did an article recently on the founder of one of SGHI's fave clothing lines Married To The Mob.
Leah McSweeney banked her $75,000 police brutality settlement on making her dream of starting her own clothing line come true. Now she's a 28 year old millionaire!
To read more of this great, inspiring true NYC story check out Mob Living.

And if you're unfamiliar with her clothing you can see more here.

What To Get The Girl Who Has Everything?

How about a monthly subscription for the hottest shoes out? It'll only cost you $10,000 at Net-A-Porter!

"Net-a-porter has come up with the ultimate gift package for shoe-loving fashionistas this Christmas: a $10,000 shoe subscription that provides a new pair of designer shoes, of your choice, every month for a year. And that's not all: to help make the choosing easier and ensure you love every single pair the package also includes one-one-one expert fashion advice (including an initial consultation and a direct line), sneak previews of upcoming designs, the ability to pre-reserve your favorite styles, and express shipping for satisfyingly fast delivery. It's the ultimate "of the month club," the perfect way to give her exactly what she wants without worrying about picking out the wrong thing, and a guaranteed hit under the Christmas tree."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxist.Com

Santa baby! I seriously need to reconsider being a good girl, this lump of coal stuff is for the birds!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This turkey is fierce!

Happy Thanksgiving all! We know it's late but we've been on vacay. We hope you all enjoyed this holiday as much as we did and ate to your hearts content!
However, if you're feeling that this holiday celebrates a tragedy in American history, (which it does, but don't they all) then we invite you to enjoy this PSA of sorts from Burning Spear.
See? There's always something to enjoy here at SGHI! Happy Thanksgiving!