Saturday, December 11, 2010

Would You Dare To Wear?

Leighton Meester's lace Marchesa jumpsuit. Do you love it or hate it?

I'm pretty in to it. It would be nice if it left a little more to the imagination, but the sweet yet naughty edginess of black lace always appeals to me. Even though it should be too much, the vintage, almost burlesque sexiness makes it work. It's different than anything I've seen lately, while still remaining really current.
I don't know if I'd ever have the cajones to wear it, but my inner skank is giving this two thumbs up.

Who Wore It Best? Ciara VS. Kim K.

Kim Kardashian and Ciara both wear a dress from Carven's Fall 2010 line. Kim in Paris, Sept. 16th, Ciara in NYC Oct. 25th.

Damn! Down to the shoes and everything! I honestly want to hand this one to Ciara, as a curvy girl myself I know sometimes all that ruffle and poof just makes you look a bit too "fluffy".
However, Something inside me just won't allow me to let Ciara to get away with this one...even the same shoes? A month and a half later? They're friends, they hang out! She should have damn well known what this would look like!
I'm all for sharing a deal with a friend, but they don't need deals, and this is the red carpet we're talking about. I'm saying, what part of the game is scrap collecting? Pure chickenheadry. The dress isn't even that hot to be digging through your homegirls salvation army bags like that.

Kim, you win this round.

Stocking Stuffers Courtesy Of Vivienne Westwood

Snatch one of these notebooks up for the woman who loves a little fashion when jotting down thier deep, or not so deep thoughts.
Find these and more in the gift section of the Vivienne Westwood site.

Racism and Cupcakes?

This controversial Duncan Hines commercial has been getting pulled after multiple complaints that the advertisement is blatantly racist.
It probably is, but it seems more ignorant and insensitive to me than anything. I don't really think there was a conspiracy to hold people down through use of cupcakes. What do you think?

Sneak Preview For The Upcoming Kanye West Video MONSTER

Boo! Sexy zombies and creepy dead chicks are alright by me. I love a good scare so I can't wait to see this video in its entirety.


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Monday, December 6, 2010

Zara Introduces Its Evening Collection.

With countless invites to holiday fetes piling up in your mailbox you may be starting to run short of dresses to don. Have no fear! Zara has released a new evening collection just in time for all your party outfit needs!
With lots of cute pieces to choose from you'll always be the belle of the ball...Now where will I wear that bow-tie number to???

In Zara stores now.

Friday, December 3, 2010

From Police Brutality Victim To Millionaire In 5 Years, It Could Happen To You...

The N.Y. Post (boooo we don't support that paper) did an article recently on the founder of one of SGHI's fave clothing lines Married To The Mob.
Leah McSweeney banked her $75,000 police brutality settlement on making her dream of starting her own clothing line come true. Now she's a 28 year old millionaire!
To read more of this great, inspiring true NYC story check out Mob Living.

And if you're unfamiliar with her clothing you can see more here.

What To Get The Girl Who Has Everything?

How about a monthly subscription for the hottest shoes out? It'll only cost you $10,000 at Net-A-Porter!

"Net-a-porter has come up with the ultimate gift package for shoe-loving fashionistas this Christmas: a $10,000 shoe subscription that provides a new pair of designer shoes, of your choice, every month for a year. And that's not all: to help make the choosing easier and ensure you love every single pair the package also includes one-one-one expert fashion advice (including an initial consultation and a direct line), sneak previews of upcoming designs, the ability to pre-reserve your favorite styles, and express shipping for satisfyingly fast delivery. It's the ultimate "of the month club," the perfect way to give her exactly what she wants without worrying about picking out the wrong thing, and a guaranteed hit under the Christmas tree."

Information Courtesy Of: Luxist.Com

Santa baby! I seriously need to reconsider being a good girl, this lump of coal stuff is for the birds!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This turkey is fierce!

Happy Thanksgiving all! We know it's late but we've been on vacay. We hope you all enjoyed this holiday as much as we did and ate to your hearts content!
However, if you're feeling that this holiday celebrates a tragedy in American history, (which it does, but don't they all) then we invite you to enjoy this PSA of sorts from Burning Spear.
See? There's always something to enjoy here at SGHI! Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010


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Friday, November 19, 2010

Essie Winter Collection

This past year I've been really into nail polish colors. They're an easy and inexpensive way to stay on trend, while still being subtle, so you don't end up looking like a fashion victim.

Luckily nail polish colors are released in collections every season, just like clothing, which completely takes the guesswork out of choosing the hottest current shades. By the time I make my way through each seasons collection a new one is coming out right on its heels.

The two collections I always look out for are Essie and Opi, so I was really excited to see that Essie has revealed their Winter collection. Including Going Incognito: Deep emerald green, Luxedo: Deepest plum, Masquerade Belle: Black ruby, Silken Cord: Risque red, Hot Coco: Tawny sepia, and Smokin' Hot: Stone-cold fox gray.

Personally I am all about Smokin' Hot and Masquerade Belle right now. How about you?


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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Too Much "Heat" For T.V.?

The commercial for Beyonce's fragrance has been banned from showing during the daytime in the U.K. because people were complaining that it was too sexually provocative.

I don't think its any worse than a music video, although once or twice I was pretty sure I was about to catch a nip slip. I don't know what type of tape she uses but her girls always almost pop out, yet never do...hmm.

Either way this is definitely a case of all press being good press. Doesn't it just make you want to watch the commercial more now?!
Check it out below.

Step By Step Guide On How Not To Get Trampled.

Yeah, that's right. This ish is so serious that you need a guide to shopping!

H&M is launching Lanvin for H&M November 20th. Since the collection is in very high demand, we’re expecting a crowd.

What do I do if I arrive before opening hours?

If there is a line, please wait in line, and H&M store staff will inform you on how to shop.

How does the queuing system work?

The first 320 in line will receive one of 16 different colored bracelets, 20 people for each bracelet color; on the bracelet you will be given a specific time for shopping in our designated area. The bracelets are only needed for the women’s collection. Customers buying the men’s collection will not require a bracelet.

When your time slot arrives, you will enter the designated area to shop for 15 minutes. Our goal is to create a better shopping experience for our customers.

If you are not one of the first 320 in line, you will of course have the opportunity to shop from the rest of the collection or within H&M. When the 16 groups have finished their shopping, we will also open up a designated area for all our customers.

To make sure as many customers as possible are able to buy the collection, we have a shopping limit. Every customer can buy from the entire collection, but with a limit of purchasing two pieces per product i.e. not more than two sizes (shoes/garments) or pieces (accessories) per product per customer. The shopping limit covers the entire Lanvin for H&M collection. Your place in line does not guarantee any items from the Lanvin for H&M collection.

Sigh...the guys that are interested are in luck. Hmph! Men don't need bracelets...
Now you need to now where to shop. Not all locations will carry the collection. Form a strategy on which location will be less likely to have you in an altercation.

Scottsdale, Arizona: Scottsdale Fashion Square.

Boston, Massachusetts: 100 Newbury Street.

Costa Mesa, California: South Coast Plaza

Glendale, California: Americana at Brand.

Los Angeles, California: Beverly Center; Westfield Century City.

San Diego, California: Fashion Valley Mall.

San Francisco, California: 150 Powell Street.

West Hollywood, California: 8580 Sunset Boulevard.

New York, New York: 1328 Broadway; 150 East 86th Street; 435 7th Avenue; 515 Broadway; 640 5th Avenue; 731 Lexington Avenue.

Columbus, Ohio: 140 Easton Town Center.

Portland, Oregon: Pioneer Place

Seattle Washington: 520 Pike Street.

Washington D.C.: 1025 F Street, NW.

Orlando, Florida: The Florida Mall.

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida: The Gardens Mall.

Atlanta, Georgia (woot!): Atlantic Station.

Chicago, Illinios: 840 North Michigan Avenue.



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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A True Prince Charming...

I was beside myself this morning when I read that Prince William proposed to his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton. The couple has been dating on and off for the last eight years.

I was even more overjoyed when I read his statement about proposing to Kate with his mother's ring. The Prince stated "It was my way of making sure my mother didn't miss out on today's excitement and the life we would spend together."

How beautiful and sweet is that, I literally DIED!

I can't wait to see this Royal wedding unfold. From the dress, to the venue, it will all be wonderful I'm sure. I hope everyone's Big moment is as special as there's seem to have been.Until then, I intend to live vicariously through Kate :)

Take a closer look at the ring...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Brow Perfection!!

When I was in High school I had an accident that involved my slamming into an emergency exit door (the really big metal ones). This further resulted in my getting three stitches along the line of my right eyebrow... (Yes, it hurt!)

I managed to deal with the pain of the injury but what I couldn't bear was my new found eyebrow patch... (it looks similar to this) I thought my world had come to end. This was almost as bad as the time when I made my hair fall out, but that's another story!

Since then, I have been in search of the perfect eyebrow pencil to not only shade in my eyebrows but also to draw in the nonexistent hairs that have vanished since my fatal 'Brow' accident.

Finally WHAM! Enters Anastasia!

I have tried many different eyebrow pencils and none have shown better results than the almighty Anastasia Brow Pencil (bows head to this God on earth). Brow specialist Anastasia Soare built her reputation as a top beauty specialist by working her unique magic on the brows of a large and loyal celebrity clientele such as Hayden Panettiere, Heidi Klum, and Naomi Campbell. Her signature technique is simple yet beautiful. She analyzes individual bone structure and face shape and recommends the perfect complimentary brow."

You can check out the products by Anastasia at Sephora ,and Your In Luck as today is the last day of Sephora VIBs sale where you can get 20% off everything you buy online by using code "VIB20" @ check out.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jay-Z & Gucci Scavenger Hunt?!

Though his lyrics may often confound, when it comes to Jay-Z’s love of high fashion, there is little confusion. And one of his most beloved brands, Gucci (sample lyric: “Yellow wrist watch, Gucci flip flops, six top model chicks, who is this hot?”), is returning the sentiment by playing a key part in Bing’s elaborate introduction to Jay-Z’s new book, Decoded. Pages of the tome, which reveal hidden meanings behind the rapper’s lyrics, are being exposed at landmark locations all over the world. And today, Gucci’s 5th Avenue location in N.Y.C. will unveil a page from the book on the inside of a one-of-a-kind leather bomber designed by Gucci’s Creative Director, Frida Giannini. Fans who locate the jacket at the N.Y.C. Gucci flagship will be given a specialized code to upload an image from Decoded, which will automatically enter them into a drawing to win an autographed copy and other prizes. For clues to where the Decoded pages will be displayed next, visit Jay-Z’s Facebook, Twitter page, and Bing.
-Via People

Not only do I love a scavenger hunt, but how cool is this jacket?! It sounds as though it's a one of one, created exclusively for the game, so I guess there's no buying it. But I sure would love one in my size!

Emma Watson At The Deathly Hallows Premiere.

Child star Emma Watson has grown into a fashion darling as of late. She continued to live up to that title in a feathered and flirty Rafael Lopez for Atelier Mayer dress at The Nov. 11th premiere of Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows:Part 1

Encompassing several trends at once, lace, feathers, retro, she manages to look sexy and chic. Which can be hard line to walk for some. Now that's a good look!

Bella Says Yes To The Dress!

A sketch that Zac Posen did for Instyle magazine on what his ideal Twilight wedding gown would look like.

There's been a ton of buzz lately regarding the wedding dress that Kristen Stewart will wear in the upcoming Breaking Dawn as she exchanges vows with her undead fiance. Most sources point to Zac Posen (who I love!)

as being the designer chosen to create the gown, which should be rather traditional and conservative in keeping with "Edward's" 150 year old tastes.

I would also expect it to be slightly different and quirky, if you remember the engagement ring, you'll know what I mean.

Unfortunately, some sources are also throwing the "U" word around, calling the final dress choice not only ugly, but hideous!
I'm hoping that maybe some people aren't understanding that the dress is meant to be a throwback to another era. In the book the dress is described as "Victorian" meaning lots of lace and tulle. It just isn't going to be something super sexy and modern like a Pnina Tornai, if a high neckline offends you, you're probably out of luck.

On the other hand, for some reason final wardrobe choice goes to Stefenie Meyer, the author of the Twilight novels, who has been lambasted in the past for her fashion choices in the previous Twilight movies. It may be time for her to turn the fashion reigns over to the professionals.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Iman Graces The Pages Of The November Issue Of Harper's Bazaar.

Iman sat down with Simon Doonan for an interview on life, love, and her new T.V. show The Fashion Show: Ultimate Collection . Which will air on Bravo Tuesday nights at 10pm.

Of course this show was clearly created to replace Project Runway, which defected from Bravo to Lifetime 2 seasons ago. The show is a total knockoff.
As a Project Runway fan, I would ordinarily stay loyal to the original, however they have been seriously disappointing me with their choices for which contestants are eliminated and for winner. So, I'm definitely looking for a new love baby!
Besides, how can you not love Iman?

Iman is a legend, an entrepreneur, and a style icon. She is also the host, along with Isaac Mizrahi, of Bravo's The Fashion Show. She's so insanely fabulous that she has even designed a home collection—because who doesn't want to live in her house? But who is the woman behind the flawlessly glamorous facade?

Simon Doonan: How many times a day do you Google yourself?

Iman: Every five minutes. I simply can't take my eyes off myself. Kidding! I would rather Google other people than Google myself.

SD: Have you ever thrown a cell phone at anyone?

SD: Do you and David ever fight? [Iman has been married to rock god David Bowie for 18 years.]

Iman: David doesn't fight. He is English, so he just stays quiet. I'm the screamer. Then he always makes me laugh. It's like cabaret. I keep him entertained too. I still fancy him—totally!—after all these years.

SD: Which Bowie song do you adore?

Iman: So many! "Heroes" especially. "Suffragette City" always gets me dancing with my little girl, Lexi [age 10].

SD: Who takes more time to get ready?

Iman: David takes five minutes. Me? I don't do anything by myself. I have a whole crew to get me ready every day.

SD: How many falls and wiglets do you own?

Iman: Millions! I believe in glamour. I am in favor of a little vanity. I don't rely on just my genes. Looking good is a commitment to yourself and to others. Wigs, killer heels, Pilates, even fillers—whatever works for you, honey.

SD: What is the worst thing about being a parent?

Iman: The early mornings. There is soccer and music class at 7:30 A.M. Remember, I am 55. I can only take so much!

SD: I have seen you throw together a home-cooked meal in your kitchen. I was impressed. Was that just for PR purposes?

Iman: I vowed to myself when I got married that I would cook every night. I find it very therapeutic.

SD: What's for dinner tonight?

Iman: Branzino with lemon. And David likes risotto, but I can't do risotto tonight. It takes time, and I have homework to do with my daughter. Maybe a salad and orzo. And David buys dessert.

SD: You could be a lady of leisure if you so desired. Why not just lie around eating bonbons and listening to Ziggy Stardust?

Iman: Even Ziggy Stardust would put on 125 pounds if he ate bonbons all day! I come from Somalia. We start working young, and we understand that kind of life. I would be bored to death not doing anything creative.

SD: I heard rumors that you are doing a home collection.

Iman: When I stopped modeling in '89, I got really into decor. Our home is very eclectic. My collection, Iman Home, is launching fabrics first. I made myself a turban out of one fabric.

SD: Who have you ever had homicidal feelings toward in the fashion business?

Iman: Geoffrey Beene! I loved his clothes but not him. Years ago, we were about to walk the runway and he pushed me. I said, "Don't do that!" "You work for me!" he said, and I replied, "No, you've hired my services, dear. I don't work for you," and I left.

SD: Who is your favorite young designer these days?

Iman: Alexander Wang is one of my favorites. But he is like my daughter. He is like 12.

SD: I heard you were at the White House a while ago. Did you crash, or were you invited?

Iman: Cheeky! I met Mr. and Mrs. Obama years ago at Oprah's Legends Ball. Oprah sat me next to Mrs. Obama because I majored in political science before modeling, so she thought we would have something to discuss. And then I went for lunch at the White House. It was brilliant! Mrs. Obama could not have been more gracious or beautiful. She is very smart, and for me, the thing I most envy is her children. When is the last time we saw two girls that age at the inauguration, and their mother did not have to say, "Sit still!" ?

SD: Are you a true New Yorker or a Somali girl?

Iman: Absolutely a New Yorker. I can tell you exactly when I switched. We moved downtown when Lexi was born. When 9/11 happened, 12 of our neighborhood firemen were killed. I looked around at the country that had adopted me and I became an American.

SD: You seem like an optimist and a positive force, but you must have done something appallingin your past.

Iman: I was once very rude to a young model. Just before I retired from modeling, I was at this shoot. The photographer said he was reading a biography of Marie Antoinette. The young model asked us, "What agency is she with?" [Shrieks of derisive laughter] We made fun of her, of course! When we were leaving, she said to me, "I hope I look as good as you when I'm your age," and I said, "Don't worry, darling, you won't." And then later I felt bad.

SD: When Diana Vreeland first saw you, she said, "Now, that's a neck." Is it ever weird having such a long neck?

Iman: My daughter likes to draw. She'll say to me, "I am doing a portrait, so you have to sit still." And then she'll say, "Oh my goodness, you have such a long neck. Weird!"

SD: Have you ever dropped acid?

Iman: No, but I have dropped a lot of other things. I did the whole Studio 54 thing. My saving grace was that I always knew when to leave the party.

SD: Who do you idolize?

Iman: My father. He taught me how to be a parent and gave me a positive connection with men because he is a gentleman. And that is what attracted me to David. He is a gentle soul.

SD: Can you tell me about your new Bravo show? What's your sign-off catchphrase?

Iman [lowering her voice and striking a serious glamour pose] : "I am sorry … you are out of fashion. "

SD: Ouch!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sex Appeal.

Nars has been the best blush champion title holder for years, firmly held down by long standing cult favorite Orgasm.
Now what self-respecting makeup junkie doesn't have that in their arsenal?!

In the following years Nars has become increasingly frisky with blush shades like Super Orgasm, and the uber naughtily named Deep Throat. Now, new for holiday 2010 they've released Sex Appeal.

Toned down in both color and name, Sex Appeal seems surprisingly tame. It looks perfect for the fair skinned/haired ladies, see it above on Blake Lively and Kylie Minogue.
However, I've also seen it recommended as a contour blush, so no worries, everyone can have Sex Appeal!

The Remaking Of W.

This morning saw the online debut of the short film The Remaking of W as the main attraction at Fashion on Film, W’s virtual film festival.
The film shows a behind the scenes look at what it's like to work for the magazine as well as documenting the first few months at W for new editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi, who took the reins at the magazine last April.

Tonchi seems determined to keep W relevant in this increasingly paperless world of to the second Internet information. Smartly, he'll do this by moving with the times and making W online an equally valid and important part of your fashion world.
Tonchi's idea for the future of W is "to become your Fashion YouTube: a well-curated haven for the best videos in style, art, design, cinema, music, and, of course, fashion."

Click here to watch The Remaking Of W.

And check out the video page for a truly fun and intimate look at some of your favorite celebrities, designers, and artists.

Boots With The Fur, The Whole Club Was Lookin' At Hurrr!

From the Roberto Cavalli Fall 2010 show.

We all know how important fur and shearling is for this season, but you don't have to stop with your coat. Stay warm and furry down to the socks (not like that perv!) with these fashionable cold weather boots.

ASOS KNOCKOUT Leather & Shearling Long Leg Clog Boots

L.A.M.B. Pier Regular Price

Blowfish Hester Regular Price

DV by Dolce Vita Nico Regular Price

Report Roby Regular Price

DV by Dolce Vita Sheldon Regular Price

Lucky Brand Eve Regular Price


ASOS TRECKER Lace Up Shearling Boot

Money burning your pockets? Try these on for size!

Christian Louboutin Toundra Coyote-Fur Trimmed Suede Ankle Boots

In the meantime I've still got this beauty on my wishlist. Sigh...maybe it'll be mine come the holidays.

Dallin Chase Amadeus Leather Jacket With Fur

Sticking with what works...

Posted by Picasa

Since H.S., I have consistently played with my style trying to find the best look for me, above is a collage of photos of my style over the years.

Some of us are fortunate enough to have a vast array of styles that complement our figure while others have to stick with one or two silhouettes. In Hollywood, many of the fashion critics frown upon those actresses that seem to stick to one red carpet formula, (not really venturing outside "the box", or their comfort zone). I say to hell with that!!! It takes far too long for some of us to find a style that works for us so once you do;YOU should Rock the hell out of it.

Hally Berry is a celebrity that really exemplifies the art of sticking to what works. She has an amazing body which she constantly displays in form fitting dresses. Here are a few photos of her in her signature look.

We've got to give it up to this woman, she's is 40 + and FABULOUS!