Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Recession Buster! Bam!

Check out EyesLipsFace.Com where makeup is $1.00.
No, this is not a sale, this is 24/7 $1.00 prices. A girl could go nuts over there!

Unfortunately, I cant personally review the products, having never tried them...It's funny, I've heard about E.L.F. for years, and never given it much thought, but I don't know why...I mean, whats to think about??? $1.00!

These could be great to round out your makeup collection, or to experiment with products or shades without committing a lot of money. Or buy something you're lazy about, I never buy the right brushes, I might just go over there and get a whole set!



Mara said...

My step-mother always buys me there lip glosses and i love them esp. the taste. I have every shade of lip gloss. my favorite which is angel. it is clear and is great with lip liner or by itself!

Kamilah said...

Oh, that's great! Thank you Mara for giving us your review.
At least we know if one of thier products is good, maybe there are more worth trying...