Monday, July 13, 2009

Got Milk?

Well how about adding an entire gallon of milk to your hot bath and soaking in it? That's what daughter of Venezuelan designer Carolina Herrera does now and then [when she can stand the stench] for silky baby soft skin. Carolina Herrera Jr. has inspired much of her mother's designs and is known for her understated style and elegance. She would rather sit in a tub of milk than spend money on expensive products. Now I will admit that I was tempted to try it when I read that interview a few days ago. I do like to try my hand at some @ home beauty regimes myself. For instance, I usually don't feel like my face is clean unless I give it a good scrubbing. So I have been known to add some coffee grinds to my face cleanser - it feels great.You can also mix some olive oil [which I also use on my hair] with salt or sugar and use that as a scrub on your entire body especially elbows and knees. Do this is for your own at home spa pedicure also! From Carolina, to me, to you! LOL

Happy soaking/scrubbing! ;)

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