Friday, May 7, 2010

Wing It.

I tried the 20 Lash by M-A-C yesterday and I loved them. This is a half lash that you apply to the outer corner of your eyes for a winged effect. There are a few reasons to go with the 20's; first off, It doesn't feel like you are wearing false lashes at all! They also felt like they fit right into place and I didn't feel worried that they might fall off - maybe because its a short lash its easier to place it and therefore easier to secure, but they were so great that I even forgot I had them on. Secondly, they are a lot easier to put on since it doesn't have to be so precise. Since they end half way along your lash line, it is a lot less difficult to notice where they start. Lastly, having longer lashes at the outer corner of your eyes is glamorous without looking fake or obvious. If you have shorter lashes you may ask the nice people at M-A-C to cut them down slightly so they blend better. These, like other M-A-C lashes are reusable but I wouldn't go past 3 uses because of bacteria and stuff. I would definitely recommend these and will be using these for future events instead of the full lashes.

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