Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gift Giving 101: Be Different!

I'm still on my gift giving kick...no, I'm not a saint, gift giving sucks! But while "I'm looking at stuff for other people" what I'm really doing is "looking at stuff for myself."
So anyways, while you're "buying gifts for others" you may want to think outside the box this season. Step off the beaten path and look at these unisex and very grown-up sets.

Peter Luger
The Ultimate Steak Gift Set EXCLUSIVELY ONLINE AT SAKS.COM. What The New York Times calls "the best steaks in America." Packaged just for saks.com, this fabulous gift box includes:
Two 37-oz USDA PRIME dry-aged, hand-selected porterhouse steaks
One 12.6-oz bottle of Peter Luger Steak House Old Fashioned Sauce
Black apron with gold logo
12"x16" cherry wood cutting board with juice groove
Satchel of 8 foil-wrapped milk chocolate coins
17"W x 11"H x 11¾"D; overall weight, 16lbs.

*For those of you who are not New Yorkers, Peter Luger is one of our oldest and best rated steakhouses. So this should be some good good steak! Don't overcook it!

Wine Enthusiast
Wine Tasting & Aroma KitThis comprehensive kit will help you identify wine tastes and aromas like a true connoisseur! Develop an extensive wine vocabulary and be well-educated when selecting wines at restaurants and stores. Set includes:
Nine vials of the most common tastes found in wine
Nine essence coasters for identifying specific wine tastes
36 vials of the most common aromas found in wine
36 aroma cards describing scents and the wines in which they are present
Two tasting glasses for sampling wine essences
Includes detailed instruction booklet
Contents arrive in a pine gift box with leather handles, brass latch
14"W X 13"D X 6½"H

Both available at Saks.com

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