Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Aaahhhh...That picture is so wrong. Did I just kill your childhood? I'm sorry.

I'm here to wish you a happy, healthy, and late Thanksgiving! Big Deal! You're still eating turkey right? No harm no foul...oops, too late.

So I hope you enjoyed your fat day as much as I did. My dishes all went over swimmingly if I do say so myself. I hope any new recipes you may have tried your hand at turned out well. We may have to do a recipe exchange here, cooking skills are a great weapon for anyone to have in their arsenal.

I'll leave you with a song that in recent years has become a Thanksgiving anthem for myself and some of my girlfriends. Amerie's "One Thing", because that weird sound she's making in the beginning of the song sounds like a Turkey gobble. Great song though!
Happy Amerie Day!!!

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