Friday, November 20, 2009

Meeting HIS Parents For The Holidays?

Holidays are a time of year for many joyful experiences, make sure this potential nerve-wrecker is one of them with these helpful hints from Tyra Banks.
Thanks Ty-Ty!

Five rules for meeting his folks.

Ah, l'amour -- you and your boyfriend are in lovey-dovey land and all of your friends call you the perfect couple. You guys are in perfect bliss and there's only one thing left to do: meet his parents. Those three simple words could burst your blissful bubble in seconds, but if you follow these simple rules for meeting his family, you'll be calling her "mom" in no time -- or at least calling her by her first name.

Rule No. 1: Focus, Focus, Focus
It's definitely an unnerving experience, but the most important thing to remember when meeting his parentals is to be present. Don't let your nerves get the better of you and get lost in the conversation -- you'll just come off as the aloof quiet girl who is never heard from again.

Rule No. 2: Hey Big Spender, Don't Be an Offender
It's definitely okay to bring some sort of little gift, but don't spend your whole paycheck trying to impress them. No one likes a show off. It's more touching if you show you've gotten to know a little bit about them. Mom's a diabetic? Bring a dessert out of the Splenda cookbook. She'll be impressed you thought of her and will be happy to know you'll keep her little boy well fed.

Rule No. 3: That's a Question for Him
You're inevitably going to get at least one question from them that's a little awkward for you to answer. Instead of running the risk of having to break bad news to them yourself -- "Um, actually Mrs. Smith, we already live together" -- bounce those suckers his way. "Well, honey, what do you think about moving in together?" Then HE'S the bearer of bad news and you're in the clear.

Rule No. 4: DON'T Drown Your Worries
Look, it might be the most obvious choice to help you mellow out, but by no means should you reach for the bottle to loosen up! Sure, have the glass of wine offered to you -- but even if he's driving home, don't polish off the whole bottle. This goes double for getting obliterated the night before, it's not exactly going to win them over if you spend half of brunch in the bathroom, reliving last night's escapades.

Rule No. 5: Friendly Fire
Even though you're playing it safe, don't play it boring. Sure, your uber-politeness will certainly help you pass inspection, but it won't win you the sought after "we like her!" Instead of just asking the general questions about the weather, ask questions that make his parents elaborate on their fun and personal sides. If college comes up, ask them some leading questions about their experiences and before you know it, they're reliving their glory days and sharing playful stories. And -- ta da! -- you're the fun gal who let them remember the good ol' days.

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