Saturday, January 9, 2010

Down Time...

Hey guys,

Today I'd just like to talk. No, I'm not bringing you any info on sales, hair/nail products nor Gossip. Nothing of the sort, it's just you and me today. I want to talk about the fact that we are already in 2010, and going full speed ahead... Has anyone really sat down and accessed their life? Do you all have any New Years resolutions that you intend to stick to? For starters, I intend to make 2010 a better year than 2008. I will be taking an active step in going green. I've already began turning off the lights (Thanks Avy!) and unplugging my chargers. I would suggest that everyone who isn't already doing this, take this small step in saving energy. As it is a recession, I intend to cook more as opposed to dinning out... anyone that knows me is aware of how big of a deal this is for me, but I am willing to try it.

- I intend to exercise more this year, I need to start getting a handle on my health and weight... we aren't exactly getting younger, you know :)
I'd also like to go Rock climbing, like on Gladiators :) I know it's no Mount Everest but hey, don't judge me it's a start. I know you guys have seen "Gladiators" I always wanted to go on that show.

- I intend to go to the theater more often,just today on the news they were relaying that ticket prices are beginning to drop significantly in order to save Broadway. I intend to be apart of the audience that helps to save Broadway. I plan on taking at least two vacations per year.. and No, Jersey does not count...LOL

- I will go to Church more often this year... Yes! I do go to church, although I am of no specific religion.. just a spiritual being.

Intellectually - Reading is one of my favorite pastimes; however, I tend to stick to a few select genres. This year I want to venture into different genres and become more enlightened with each book. That doesn't mean no more Romance Novel's, I just can't give up Brenda Jackson.

What about you guys, I'm interested in knowing what everyone is thinking of doing, to make '09 their best year to date. Maybe your resolution is something that I should be doing... maybe mine yours, who knows...

Lastly, I'd like to add that those of us who have families should make an effort to spend more time with them, other than around the holidays... Everyday counts!

Alright, that's my daily tidbit... TTYL

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