Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Missoni Solid Perfume Charm Necklace/Bracelet

Missoni: Luscious fruits, exuberant florals, and tantalizing gianduia make Missoni is an irresistible weave of some of a woman's favorite indulgences. The sublime experience captures the luxe sensuality of a holiday at an Italian resort with notes of vibrant Italian bergamot, dewy rose, zesty bitter orange, addictive gianduia (a sweet chocolate containing hazelnut and almond paste), and fluid amber.

Radiant Yellow Accord, Bergamot, Magnolia, Loquat, Chocolate Brown Accord, Gianduia Chocolate, Amber, Magenta Pink Accord, Peony, Rose, Intense Oranges Accord, Mandarin, Bitter Orange, Persimmon.
Modern. Spirited. Enticing.

Missoni Acqua: Inspired by the crystal blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Missoni Acqua was created with light, love, and laughter by Italy's tight knit family of fashion. The fragrance is a blend of luscious flowers, mouth-watering fruit, and dewy skin—all sensuously woven together like undulating waves that go on forever. It's a modern scent alive with a vibrant sunny splash of the good life.

Enjoy wearing your favorite fragrance in style with this chic charm bracelet designed by Margherita Missoni, one of today's most photographed "it" girls. Featuring several unique Missoni charms, plus a large gold charm filled with Missoni Acqua solid perfume, this must-have item of the season is the ideal gift for the most fashionable fragrance aficionados. It is the perfect way to take your signature scent with you, even on an airplane, for a divine-smelling pick-me-up wherever you might be.

Fresh Grapefruit, Vibrant Bergamot, Juicy Melon, Sensual Narcisse, Crisp Muguet, Velvety Violet, Blue Freesia, Voluminous Peony, Tuscan Iris, Petal Jasmine, Sole.
Dewy. Sparkling. Refreshing.

Smell gorgeus on the go with this yummy perfume which travels with you in style. No clutter, no mess, no spills.


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