Monday, January 5, 2009

This Minute In Trash T.V.

Although I am not a reality show addict, I freely admit that I do indulge in a few trashy shows, and the more Springer-esque the better. I don't have many vices, so I need some "Oh no that bitch didn't!" every now and again.

Last night I saw the Rock Of Love Charm School reunion. I've never actually watched Rock Of Love with Bret Michaels, but I started following Charm School because I think Megan is hilarious. Not in a laughing at her way either, I'm totally laughing with her. I actually like her, even though her shoes in the above picture are heinous and an abomination. I think I may be the only person on earth who does like her though, and last night she talked shit about Ozzy which led to Sharon Osbourne giving her a mini beatdown.

Mind you, Megan had been eliminated from the show for "fighting", and Sharon's last words as Megan was leaving were "Violence is one thing I just will not tolerate" Hypocrisy anyone?

Now why is Sharon Osborne teaching charm anyway? Who told her she was a classy lady? Isn't she crass and nasty? Weren't her family's antics the basis of a popular reality show for several seasons?
What Megan said wasn't nice, but Sharon started it! Telling a woman she should be spayed like a dog is fucking rude! Megan took the beating, but you know what? I might let Sharon Osbourne whup my ass too. Following the incident Megan went to the hospital, and then filed a police report with the LAPD. I hope Megan sues her, and wins.

Sharon Vs. Megan. Skip to around the 6:00 mark to get to the good stuff.

Rock Of Love Bus has also just started. I didn't watch it, and I don't plan to, but I saw this clip on DLISTED. Apparently your friend wrote a song for Bret...on the back of some kind of guide to all STD's...Why don't you tell her something about herself?

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