Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun and Fundamental

Brenda Jackson is my favorite author. I enjoy reading her novel's they are really great, and they all have happy endings... I am a sucker for happy endings, I hate sad stories. I've been meaning to start a mini book club. Where we can all converse about what books we've read and assign one for every month or every two months.

What books do you guys read? Would you be interested/willing to share your thoughts on a book of our choice? It's always fascinating to see the different ideas/messages that each person takes away when they've finished reading a particular book. Although we each individually may think that the message in the book is clear as day, many people will undoubtedly have different takes on it.

If you guys were to recommend a book, what would be your first choice? Kindly leave a comment or shoot us an email if your interested in doing something like this.

The pic of the book posted above is my favorite book from Ms. Brenda Jackson, it is called "True Love" best book ever! This would be my first choice.

Do share yours...

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