Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vodka Is A Girl's Best Friend!

Actually, I don't drink Vodka, but this one is filtered through diamond dust. Yum

Double Cross Vodka was launched today, and it's right up your alley if you've been on the market for a vodka that's been distilled seven times and filtered through diamond dust.

Apparently this filtration leaves an exceedingly tasty vodka that hints at white pepper and lemon zest - and something seems to be working because they got good reviews from Paul Pacult and a gold medal at the San Francisco Spirits competition.

- Courtesy of Liqour Snob
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Caroline said...

This might be the new shit for the club!

Kamilah said...

I find myself not doing much clubbing, I like my beauty sleep. :) and Vodka and I are not friends.
You're right though, I wouldnt mind that bottle sitting pretty on my table on a rare evening of shaking my groove thang.
Party over here!