Friday, September 4, 2009


DuWop is best known for its lip plumper - Lip Venom. This is the plumper of all plumpers and the brand that brought lip plumping to the cosmetics industry. Lip Venom will give you "bee stung" lips - and that's no lie, the venom burns the ish out of your lips - no wonder they look and feel plump! DuWop boasts that Lip Venom will give you plump lips while increasing circulation and will bring some color back to your lips.

"The secret behind Lip Venom is a blend of essential oils, which include cinnamon, wintergreen, and ginger, that cause the blood to rush to the surface of the lips, flushing and swelling them slightly. The gloss also includes jojoba and avocado oil that moisturize and give the lips intense shine. You end up with a shiny, naturally rosy pout that cannot be achieved by wearing ordinary lip gloss."

If burning the the crap out your of lips doesn't sound appealing here are some other cool products from DuWop:

Payoff is right up my alley! What is it? I am glad you asked! ;) It is a clear liquid that transforms your regular eyeshadow into liquid shadow with one drop - I love that! I know I know - I have become obsessed with liquid eyeshadow - but I really love the look of vibrant color on the eyes and this is one of the best ways to get that look. You might wonder why you should spend $17 on a product that just wets your shadow; but trust me, I have tried the "just add water" approach with my regular powder eyeshadows, and it just doesn't work - it makes the shadow cakey and crumbly - and so I had simply decided that not all shadows are meant to get wet- until now! Payoff is water based and will make any shadow super creamy, intensify the color and it will make your shadow last longer!
Now you can enjoy the benefits of liquid shadow with your regular powder shadows!

Hands 2 Hair is a hand cream and hairstyling cream from DuWop. It will add shine and separation to your hair and moisturize your hands. Just this morning I was putting some hair cream on my ends and because I was in a rush I couldn't wash my hands before running to catch my train (which I almost missed by the way lol) but the point is, because I didn't have time to wash my hands after - they were kinda sticky and slimy feeling .... ugh - very annoying. With this stuff you don't have to worry about that - just apply what you need to your hair and the residue left over on your hands you can just rub in as your hand cream for the day! Its great because getting ready for work in the morning already has enough steps, and running to wash your hands after applying this and that just slows you down. Get this 2 in 1, and it will cut at least 45 sec out of your morning routine - hey every bit counts right!

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