Sunday, September 20, 2009

Stila Kajal Eye Liner

I love this eyeliner! Prior to this I had been extremely partial to generic, super cheap eyeliners because the softness of the pencil made a line that was thick, slightly smudgy/blurred, and easy to blend. I didn't even fully grasp the look I was trying to achieve until Stila told me with their description.

Kajal eye liners are formulated to mimic the ultra-soft texture of the Indian eye darkener of the same name. The luscious formula is silky smooth and glides on perfectly, without dragging across the most fragile skin around the eye area. Delivers bold, clear, true color that blends easily and beautifies.
Use kajal eye liner for a precise, crisp line or smudge with fingers or with stila #4 lining brush to create a smoky "dreamlike" appearance. Works perfectly with any eye shadow formula.

Eu-fucking-reka! I kid you not, it even sounds stupid to me, cause a black line is a black line right? WRONG! Exactly what I want my eyeliner to be reminiscent of, is the bold line that is synonymous with the "kajal" or "kohl/khol" liner that the lovely ladies over in India use. Check out the look on Aishwarya Rai, if you like that, you'll love the effect of this eyeliner.

By the way, did you know that Aishwarya Rai is considered by many people to be the most beautiful woman on the planet? Seriously, Google most beautiful woman in the world and see what comes up...I'll wait.

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