Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Have You Crossed Over?

I did; and it was difficult. Moving from a glossy lip to matte was scary at first ... it's a weird thing to not have my lips all glossed up and shiny. Ya know we women get comfortable in our makeup routines - but we must stay current! Have you ever seen a woman on the train or in the street and you just know that she has been wearing that same horrid lipstick color for 20 years ... you have to adapt ladies!!! lol.... Anyway, sorry back to the subject at hand: the matte lip provides a sophisticated and chic look that I am actually feelin'. Now I am not sure I will do the matte lip all the time, but for now its a nice alternative. You can do the matte lip in any shade; from deep purples and reds to nudes and pale pinks; figure out which color works for you. I have been doing a nude lip but I also have a berry color that worked out nicely. The key is to get a matte lipstick that is creamy and won't dry your lips out. The matte look does not camouflage cracked lips the way that lip gloss sometimes can, so be sure to keep your lips conditioned. Try shu uemura's new Rouge Unlimited Creme Matte for a wonderful matte finish that feels velvety smooth. Here is some info from the site:

shu uemura continues to break boundaries in color creation with the launch of Rouge Unlimited Creme Matte, a unique formula that combines a matte effect with a creamy finish. The two contradicting textures come together in one lipstick, gliding smoothly onto lips for a comfortable fit without drying or creasing.
- Exclusive hybrid pigments - vivid and pure shades un-replicated by others
- High color fidelity pure color payoff
- Available in 10 shades

Make the switch!


Jessie said...

That is so funny that you posted about this because after years of being a "lipgloss" girl I finally broke down and bought a berry shade of lipstick.It's hard breaking out of that comfort zone but so far I really like the way the shade looks on me, I just have to get used to it! I do have to get something good to condition my lips though.

Avyanka said...

I know Jessie - women tend to be a lot less adventurous with their lipstick/lip-gloss preferences more so than say, eye shadow ... why is that?? Anyhow, as far as a good lip conditioner try Kiss Me Exfoliating Lip Scrub by Philosophy. This stuff is perfect for fixing dry, flaky, chapped lips and will definitely make them soft and smooth. It's like a facial for your lips!!! It will absolutely help you pull off your matte lip look.