Monday, November 15, 2010

Brow Perfection!!

When I was in High school I had an accident that involved my slamming into an emergency exit door (the really big metal ones). This further resulted in my getting three stitches along the line of my right eyebrow... (Yes, it hurt!)

I managed to deal with the pain of the injury but what I couldn't bear was my new found eyebrow patch... (it looks similar to this) I thought my world had come to end. This was almost as bad as the time when I made my hair fall out, but that's another story!

Since then, I have been in search of the perfect eyebrow pencil to not only shade in my eyebrows but also to draw in the nonexistent hairs that have vanished since my fatal 'Brow' accident.

Finally WHAM! Enters Anastasia!

I have tried many different eyebrow pencils and none have shown better results than the almighty Anastasia Brow Pencil (bows head to this God on earth). Brow specialist Anastasia Soare built her reputation as a top beauty specialist by working her unique magic on the brows of a large and loyal celebrity clientele such as Hayden Panettiere, Heidi Klum, and Naomi Campbell. Her signature technique is simple yet beautiful. She analyzes individual bone structure and face shape and recommends the perfect complimentary brow."

You can check out the products by Anastasia at Sephora ,and Your In Luck as today is the last day of Sephora VIBs sale where you can get 20% off everything you buy online by using code "VIB20" @ check out.

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