Monday, November 8, 2010

MTV Europe Music Awards 2010

Reviewing the pictures from MTV's Europe Music Awards I felt like I was looking at footage from the worlds worst outfits awards. It was really a worse and worser situation, as you can see by the foolishness that Ke$ha and Katy Perry showed up wearing.

Need I say more?
There were some bright spots in the fashion landscape though, see below for my personal faves.

Rihanna looking amazing in a Marchesa gown. When does a Marchesa gown not look amazing right? But this one really takes the eye away from her Wilma Flintstone hair-don't.
In all seriousness, she looks great.

And surprise! Check out Miley Cyrus in Dolce and Gabbana.
I never expected fabness to come from her sector, but I love that she proved me wrong! The outfit is an awesome mix of elegance and cool, so even though she's covered up, it doesn't come off as old looking. I hope more young stars follow her lead. You don't have to show everyone your breasts just to prove you have them! Showing this level of taste and style makes me think of her as far more mature than any skintight catsuit ever could.

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