Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Promise, It Does Not Make Me Feel Good To Post This!

Beyonce is on the cover of the new Giant Magazine, looking hot as ever!

She looked good at the Cadillac records Premiere last night too. I thought the hair on her head looked a little wiggy up front...but that wasn't the only hair that was wrong!

Daaaammmmnnn...Well, she's married. Probably doesn't give a damn.
OK! So we can put the rumours to rest, she is not an alien or cyborg even though she refuses to take her robot hand off. She's only human, and we grow hair.
I'm surprised she hasn't lasered it off though. I want to laser so the hair can NEVER grow back. Scorch the earth

* I saw this over at - THEYBF.COM


Mara said...

What women does not do a pit check when walking out side in a sleeveless anything? I know i am not the only one! There is never an excuse in my book.... unless that's just your thing... well in that case please keep ur arms down!

Kamilah said...

So harsh Mara, so harsh...
Well I was trying to be understanding but you're right, I don't get it either. You've got yourself, your man, plus a gang of other staff being paid to make your appearance as close to perfection as possible, yet you hit the red carpet (of all places!) looking all wolfy.
Its not even stubble, she's got some long strands like she's just been missing that spot for a few months...