Thursday, December 11, 2008

Man, do I miss me some GERALD!

Hey guys,

So last night I had my ipod on shuffle, and for some reason it kept playing Gerald Levert's songs, first came "One Million Times" then "Made to love you" and I really started missing Gerald. I went on the web and started researching some of his videos and I came across a tribute that he did along with Marsha Ambrosius from the group Floetry. Do you guys remember the Smokey Robinson Tribute on BET a couple years back? Man, this rendition right here! still gives me chills. I wish they would have sold copies or something... cause Gerald and Marsha tore that song apart. Check out the performance after the cut and tell me what you think.

Watch it and Love it! Ebony Eyes Baby!

R.I.P. - Gerald

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