Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Is this it?

After the all the stills this is what we get... I don't know how I feel about either of these new Beyonce videos. I will say that Micheal Ealy is a cutie though... I actually wanted the third single to be Ego... I happen to like that song. Anyone with me, for those that copped the Album what is your favorite song? Take a look @ the unveiling of Diva and Halo from off of Beyonce's new record...

Tell me what you guys think...




Mia said...

ok. i don't at all like the diva song or the video. i think it's awful. can't believe that's my good good Beyonce. may be it will grow on me... i'll let u know.
halo. i looooooove. it's the first time i'm hearing the song. it's great and i really like the video especially when they're on the little couch staring at eachother looking so inlove.
i love my Beyonce.
i'll forgive her for diva.

Kamilah said...

I am currently reserving judgement on Diva. I swore eternal hatred for Single Ladies and I ended up liking it. Crank Diva up loud, imagine yourself in a dimly lit club, champagne in hand, stank face on...You might see the vision. Plus that money fan is hot! Where's my Krazy glue?!

Halo is very nice. It gives me smiles on the inside. Michael Ealy is not hot. He looks like a big healthy baby.