Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer for Eyes

Neutrogena® 3 in 1 Concealer for Eyes instantly hides dark circles, reduces the look of puffiness and fine lines and helps protect the sensitive eye area with SPF 20.

This multi-tasking concealer instantly camouflages dark circles, reduces the appearance of puffiness and fine lines and protects with non-irritating SPF 20—all in one easy step. The ultra-blendable, skin-conditioning formula provides natural-looking coverage, won't settle into fine lines and is safe for contact-lens wearers.

I've always been a bit wary of most drugstore makeup products. You can't try them on right? and more expensive is better anyway, right?

No. I was sort of wrong on both counts. A good product is a good product, and I would put my seal of approval on this one. Plus, some pharmacies do accept returns on makeup! I didn't realize this!
I know it sucks that you can't try it on in the store, but how often do you try makeup in the store, get home, and not like it after all? Isn't it better to go home, and try it with your other products? Apply it the way you will apply it everyday, rather than someone putting it on for you and trying to sell you?
Ask the people at your local drugstore about returns on opened makeup, hopefully they have a good policy.

I picked this Neutrogena® 3 in 1 Concealer for Eyes up in Duane Reade a few weeks ago on a whim, and it's actually quite nice. It has kind of a floral smell which seems to bother some other reviewers, but I don't think it was bad. It has a VERY creamy consistency, similar to that of an expensive eye cream. I find the coverage to be a bit sheer though, I guess it's a natural coverage? Personally, I can skip all that "natural" mess when it comes to makeup. I'd rather look completely unnatural and dark circle free.

A good product though, and a good place to start if your embarking on a search for a drugstore concealer.

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