Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Keep In Mind That I'm An Artist. And I'm Sensitive About My Shit!

Comedy Central funny-man Stephen Colbert launched the very funny "Operation Humble Kanye West" on yesterdays episode of The Colbert Report. With such comedy gems as "Kanye is not the voice of this generation...with all the auto-tuning on your record you're barely the voice of your own albums!" (Oh Snap!)It's definitely a clip to watch. It's all in fun.

Unfortunately, 'Ye must have injured his funny bone because he was not amused.
Today's response from Kanye West VIA Twitter:

Oh Kanye...sigh.
I really hope this is the start of a funny and light-hearted exchange of words between two talented people, and not Mr. West really taking a joke to heart...break.

By the way, what in the fuck is Twitter anyway?

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Alicia said...

LMAO... that was funny as hell... Truly Kanye knows that the arrogance he constantly spouts and portrays is not to be taken seriously... Such foolishness needs to be made fun of Awe this video made my evening...