Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Eternal Question

How do I create the smoky eye?
Here's the “Smoky Eye” according to Make Up Forever's Danny Sans:

1. Use the Brush 8S to apply Eye Shadow #101 white over the whole upper lid.
2. Sweep some of the new Star Powder #950 black gold across the whole mobile lid to give eyes added intensity.
3. Accentuate the socket line of the upper lid with Eye Shadow #10 yellow gold and blend the 2 eye shadows upwards with the Sponge Applicator.
4. Outline the upper contour of the eye with Color Liner #25 iridescent black.
5. Underline the inner rim of the lower lash-line with Kohl Pencil black.
6. Lightly smudge the contour of the lower lid to get the "smoky" look by doubling the pencil line with a line of Star Powder #950 and Eye Shadow #10, blended outwards into the outer corner of the eye.
7. End by coating lashes with Lengthening Mascara #0 black and recoloring the tips.

Makeup Forever has great shadows and is one of my favorite makeup lines to achieve this look with! After Reading these steps run to Sephora to practice and play so that you can master this super sexy and tres chic eye...

Ok gotta go finish my paper now!

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