Friday, August 14, 2009

IMO Everyone Needs Therapy

The therapy that works best for me is typically retail therapy, but second on that list is undoubtedly vino therapy; not the glass of wine I have with my girls at dinner [although that helps too lol] but what I am speaking of is Delluva Vinotherapy @ Delluva Day Spa and Salon. Delluva, which translates to "of the grape", is a place to go when you need to escape. I remember going in the middle of winter during a snow storm after a particularly stressful day and feeling so relaxed in the comfy robe they give you, feet up on their comfy chase lounge chair, with my glass of wine, cheese & crackers and a magazine; it was so peaceful ... ahhhh - I think I need an appointment. I have only gotten facials at Delluva, but I have a friend who has gotten massages and waxed there. It is definitely a spa to check out. Here are some photos, but I have to say they don't do the place justice, in person it is very dimly lit and sexy, lol.

Here is some info from the website:

WHAT IS “Therapy from the Vine”?
“Therapy from the Vine” is the use of skin care products and treatments derived from grapes and the by-products of the wine making process.

We use grapeseeds, grapeseed extracts, husks, grapeseed oil, and vine leaf extracts that all have a high concentration of polyphenols. These polyphenol antioxidants are up to 20 times more effective than vitamin C and up to 50 times more effective than vitamin E.

These products and treatments help to fight against the age-advancing free radicals in the body and act as a therapy to fight stress and pollutants.

Delluva Day Spa and Salon uses only the best wine and vine-infused products, with a focus on TheraVINE™, a skin care line from the Cape Winelands of South Africa.

TheraVINE™ obtains its grape-derived ingredients from the South African indigenous Pinotage cultivar. TheraVINE™ also uses the grape cultivars from Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet, and Sauvignon Blanc. The indigenous medicinal botanical essential oils are natural and organically grown in the Western Cape area.

To create indulgent, inviting surroundings where guests experience first-class service, internationally renowned treatments, and unexpected delights.

Ooo and they are having a wine tasting event soon - fun!

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