Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Top Notch Cleansing

Like Kamilah, I am also a lover of natural products. Dial soap is among my favorites for hand washing. I have yet to try it as a body wash, however, after the review given by Kamiah it is currently on my “to do” list; right along with Avy’s Ultimate Vibrator suggestion:)

My favorite product for washing and sanitizing my body is “Dr. Bronners Pure Castle Peppermint Soap.” This liquid soap packs more uses per ounce than anything else out there. You literally only need a few drops to lather up and handle your business. It is simply exquisite; it’s made with organic oils, and all-natural ingredients. Whenever I use this product I feel instantly cleansed. It leaves me dirt free, and spotless. My skin feels clean, sparkling and fresh. Some of the other scents offered are lavender, eucalyptus, and almond. I usually purchase this soap from my neighborhood/local organic store, but it has come to my attention that Target has added it to its array of cleansing products.

If my testimonial doesn’t move you to try this product, you should also know that this soap can be used for shaving, as a shampoo, and dental mouthwash. How many soap’s do you know of that are able to provide all of the above? Yeah, that’s what I thought. NONE! If perhaps you do know of one… please enlighten me.

Let me know what you think.

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