Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Problem Salved!

Talk about multi-tasking - this ish does everything! Lets face it ladies we spend way too much on lotions, shampoos, lip glosses etc. so its nice when you get get several uses from just one product; enter Problem Salved 20 in 1 Wonder Balm by Bliss. Here is a list of its 20 uses from Bliss's website:

Problem-Salved, a compact multi-purpose rescue remedy is designed to target a myriad of skin woes, irritations, mishaps including:

1.soothe sunburn
2.soothe windburn
3.soothes skin after waxing upper lip
4.soothe skin after waxing eyebrows
5.Soothing stinging from insect bites
6.Soothes itching from insect bites
7.moisturize chapped heels
8.moisturize chapped elbows
9.moisturize chapped noses due to colds, flus or allergies
10.soothe stressed skin caused micro-dermabrasion,
11.soothe stressed skin caused by AHA treatments
12.prevent runner's chafing
13.prevent shoe blisters
14.protect skin blisters
15.nourish your cuticles to enhance your manicure
16.helps repair ragged cuticles
17.tame flyaways in hair
18.helps seal split ends
19.groom eyebrows (i.e. as an eyebrow wax)
20.provide a quick fix up for make-up mistakes (still need to wipe off with a cotton or tissue after using balm to dissolve makeup)

This sounds like a must have - you may even want to get 2, one for your purse and another for the office.

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