Sunday, August 30, 2009

Loreal Voluminous Eyeliner.

Have you noticed the increasing number of makeup products that seem to be based on the concept of sharpie markers?
I've always found them intriguing, after all, I pretty much mastered the art of using markers back in preschool, It would stand to reason that I would be a makeup dynamo if I could use them on my face.
So for the last few days I've been testing out my latest "marker makeup" Voluminous Traceur Yeux by Loreal Paris.
The flow of the liner is very nice. Avy and I were discussing pen eyeliners recently, and her concern was that the liner dries up and it makes your line all spotty and wack. No issue with that here.
My only concern so far, is that it's difficult to get that winged effect at the outer corners of your eyes with this product. I've ended up using it the way I would use a pencil eyeliner, when I expected to be using it to create the shape I would with a liquid eyeliner.
I still feel I may be able to get the knack of this in time, and even if I can't, its still excellent for its staying power.

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