Friday, August 28, 2009

Nude Beach Anyone?

I have never even had the guts to go topless let alone entirely nude... so this Nude Beach collection from Bare Escentuals is my only chance to go nude in public. This post is in response to Alicia's vacay post.... Since the rest of us were NOT on a nice white sandy beach - why not get beachy with your shadows? These are the best shimmer eyeshadows and they come in fabulous summer shades - but these are the kind of colors I would wear all year despite their warm summer hues. They have such a fantastic sheen and glimmer that make your eyes.... well .... eye-catching! As I have said a gazillion times- they are also perfect for applying while wet for an extra dramatic look. These are great shadows for anyone and are so flattering. I wanna say that Kamilah wears one of the shades but don't quote me. The collection includes:
  • Nude Beach Eyecolor (a glimmer of warm sand)
  • Tan Lines Eyecolor (a glimmer of golden sand)
  • Bare Skin Eyecolor (a glimmer of blush taupe)
  • Skinny Dip Eyecolor (a glimmer of iridescent pink)
  • In the Buff Eyecolor (a glimmer of golden peach)
  • Au Natural Eyecolor (a glimmer of iridescent violet
Go nude!

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