Friday, October 22, 2010

Economy is getting better... there goes the discounts!!!

Hello My Dear Friends,

I heard on the news that the economy is progressively becoming stronger and stronger with each passing day. I witnessed this for myself two days ago when I walked pass my usual sidewalk-bum on my way to work. On Tuesday he was neatly tucked away in a cardboard box with his feet dangling. Wednesday he was in a 500 thread count comforter with quilted socks. By the looks of things, we may be doing better than we imagined.

Under normal circumstances I would jump for joy upon hearing such news; however, I am selfishly thinking about the toll this news will take on my spending habits. Already I've noticed that there aren't nearly as many sample sales this year as there were last year. The law regarding no tax payment being required on clothing over a hundred dollars has recently been overturned. Things are not looking too good for us fashion enthusiast's on a budget. Despite this cloud looming over our heads, I have figured out a way to still potentially save money on big ticket items.

During the recession and probably before that there has been several launches of online discount sites. These very sites have been my life saver a time or two. Additionally they have minimized the "Sale" fights among women.

Most of the sites try to exemplify an air of exclusivity by mandating that each potential customer register and sign up in order to preview/shop the items on sale. A small price to pay for a great bargain. The same rules for return and exchange usually hold true with these sites as well. Below are a listing of such sites. I hope they become as handy to you as they have been to me.

Gilt Groupe
Beyond the Rack
Rue La La

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