Thursday, October 28, 2010

Give To Those In Need.

One time not to be fashionable is when it comes to charitable causes. Many donated to charity in the wake of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti, but months later many Haitians are still homeless and hungry. Instead of spending $5.00 on something frivolous today, give to someone who really needs it.

Elizabeth Schaeffer Brown's initiative, Choose Haiti, is relatively new, but is quickly gaining tons of support. Earthquake survivors are being paid to pick up the newspapers and bottles that litter their streets and make bracelets out of them. The bracelets in turn are being sold at retail outlets such as Forever 21, Footlocker, and QVC.

In the last 4 weeks 10,000 bracelets have been sold, with plans to sell at least 1 million.This will provide work for 3000 Haitians still living in tents, while simultaneously encouraging them to clean up their streets.

Do something good for someone else today, you'll feel great too!

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