Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Assouline The Fashion Questionaire Book

Proust's legendary personality revealer is recast with a fashion angle, posed to the fashion industry's most important and influential designers.
Continuing in the tradition of best- selling "Proust Questionnaire", this book has been recast with a fashion angle & posed to the fashion industry's most important & influential designers. Handwritten answers from such legendary greats as Herrera, Lagerfeld, Galiano & Browne intimately reveal personalities & tastes of each designer.

The Proust questionnaire is merely a questionnaire intended to reveal basic personality traits. It was made famous, though not invented by the French writer Marcel Proust, when copies of questionnaires he had answered in his youth became popular at auctions.
This book would make a lovely coffee table book for yourself or the fashionista in your life, as the questions have been answered by some of the most influential designers of our time.
Pick it up at Barnes and Nobles, or Saks.

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