Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Don' t Stop Believing"

The other day while channel surfing I came across a 2004 documentary entitled "My Date With Drew". The premise was that Drew Barrymore was the filmmakers childhood crush, and with the last $1100 he had to his name, he was going to rent a video camera for 1 month, and in that month document the process of trying to get a date with Drew Barrymore.
Needless to say it all worked out well for him, and I'm sure he has much more than $1100 in the bank at this point. I'm using this example to illustrate how little it can take financially to change your life. Not only did he meet his celeb crush, which is trivial when you're living hand to mouth, in doing so, the man made a hit documentary! He changed the entire course of his life with a $1100 and a rented camcorder from Circuit City!

So when I came across this video I wanted to share it. Canadian filmmaker Mathieu Ratthe wants to make a movie based on a bestselling Stephen King novel called "The Talisman" which was released in 1982. His problem is that back in 1982, Steven Spielberg bought the film rights to "The Talisman", and in the 26 years since then he hasn't made anything happen with it.

Being that Spielberg is a huge movie mogul, Ratthe has been unable to get the Spielberg camp to view his directors reel. Feeling that the only way to catch the attention of Spielberg was to get his vision out to the public, Ratthe created a short, and uploaded it to YouTube!
Ratthe's clip has gotten rave reviews from the Internet community, will it ever catch Spielberg's eye? Who knows? But I think it's great when people chase their success in unconventional ways. If the system is not working for you, step outside of it!

Avy! You see that face^, do not watch!

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