Monday, November 24, 2008

Sephora Tricks Of The Trade Collection

Sephora's new line of must-haves puts the secret tips and tricks of the backstage pros at your fingertips.
I'm very interested in this new line from Sephora, relatively inexpensive, and created to make your makeup better. I've got my eye on the "eyeliner last" ahhh...I love eyeliner...
This is the full breakdown of the products offered:

1. Radiance Mist $12
Sephora Brand Tricks of the Trade Radiance Mist is infused with kiwi and citrus fruit extracts to give your skin a vitamin boost. This treatment will leave your skin looking soft, glowing, and fresh with a satin finish.
Trick: Give tired skin an instant, vitamin-rich radiance boost
Effect: Refreshed, soft, glowing skin

2. Perfection Primer $18
A highlighting makeup base that brightens and beautifies the skin. The pink pearlescent micro-particles and soft-focus pigments reflect the light for a radiant complexion.
Trick: Keep foundation fresher, longer with smoothing, reflective pigments
Effect: Lit-from-within, lasting complexion perfection

3. Anti-Shine Primer $18
Preps skin to expertly hold foundation and mattifies skin for up to eight hours, controlling and balancing sebum production.
Trick: Mattify skin to keep makeup fresh all day
Effect: Shine-free, pure, even coverage

4. Instant Lip Plumper $14
Sephora Brand Instant Lip Plumper pumps up your pout. This clear, glossy lip enhancer is infused with natural pepper and mint extracts to stimulate microcirculation, resulting in full lips.
Trick: Volumize lips with invigorating ingredients and multi-dimensional shine
Effect: A plump, glossy, bitten pout

5. Perfection Lip Primer $12
A lip priming pencil that preps lips for longer-lasting lipstick application and prevents lipstick from creasing and color from running.
Trick: Moisturize, plump and fill to extend and refine the wear of lipstick
Effect: Vivid, creaseless, lasting lip color

6. Eyeshadow Transformer $14
A liquid that gives your eyeshadows new life as gorgeous eyeliners.
Trick: Instantly transform powder shadows into liquid liner
Effect: Controlled, customized, convertible eyeliner

7. Lip Last $14
Sephora Brand Lip Last makes your lip color stay put for hours, if not all day.
Trick: Seal lipstick to prevent creasing, feathering and fading for hours
Effect: Fixed, flawless, always-fresh lip color

8. Eyeliner Last $14
A clear top coat that prevents your eyeliner from creasing and smudging.
Trick: Hold eyeliner in place and seal in color for hours of distinct, vibrant definition
Effect: Un-budgeable, un-smudgeable eyeliner

9. Makeup Setting Mist $12
Sephora Brand Makeup Setting Mist creates an invisible shield over the face that keeps makeup in place.
Trick: Set makeup with an invisible, hydrating and protective shield
Effect: Un-faze-able, marathon makeup

10. Eye Brightener $14
An Eye brightening and contouring pencil that conceals shadows and dark circles under the eyes to achieve a fresh look.
Trick: Erase fatigue with velvety illumination and corrective coverage
Effect: Bright, engaging, wide-awake eyes

11. Immediate Wrinkle Filler $20
Evens out skin tone while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
Trick: Fill in fine lines and wrinkles before makeup application
Effect: Smooth, luminous, youthful features

12. Complete Lip Balm $8
A lip balm that nourishes, moisturizes, protects and contains a natural active ingredient to temporarily plump lips.
Trick: Keep lips conditioned for optimal color and gloss application
Effect: A smooth, healthy, full-figured kiss

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