Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Get it while it's HOT!!!

Did I mention to you guys, that my friends are über fabulous? Seriously, they are a group of people that are meticulous about the way they look; and rightfully so. It stuns me the amount of detail they put into applying makeup, and finding new inventions. My opinion used to be, you've seen one mascara, gosh darn it you've seen em all. This was my theory, before they made me see the error of my ways, as they would say " Alicia, there are always new releases that trumps old existing products" I suppose this makes much sense, considering the fact that there are so many competing brands out there.

Either way, they know that I am very particular about not having a lot of GUCK on my face, just enough to give me a definitive glow. They always rag on me about not wearing much eyeshadow, and to be honest, it's because I detest buying the little ones @ MAC, I never have the color that I need when I need it. I've been meaning to get a good BRAND that has different assortments of colors. Ladies and gentleman, SEPHORA has delivered with the Ultimate Blockbuster - Collector's Edition:

It is being said to be "The ultimate makeup palette for eyes, face, and lips, all you need for complete classic beauty" The Sephora Brand Collector's Edition Palette sets the gold standard and gets you set. If you think I'm kidding, take a look at what it comes equipped with:

This palette has it all:
- 71 eyeshadow shades (0.04 oz each)
- 13 cream eyeshadow shades (0.03 oz each)
- 5 blushes (0.19 oz each)
- 1 compact powder (0.19 oz)
- 60 lip glosses (0.03 oz each)
- One lip liner
- One eyeliner
- 4 brushes
- 3 sponge-tipped applicators
- A smart black case that's as classy as you are.

Guys, this product is definitely a steal, it's value is $320; however, it is being sold at an absurdly low price of $48. You cannot beat that! Even if you don't get it for yourself, if you happen to have any make up junkie friends like a few of mine,(uh, hum... Avy, Kamilah) it will make a fantastic Christmas gift.

Smooches... If anyone of you beat me to the punch in purchasing this lovely item, please give SGHI your review.

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