Sunday, November 9, 2008

Do That Before You Leave The House!

Wow. Laser beams. Rad. And by rad I mean totally lame.


Kanye West was hanging out in his dressing room at the MTV Europe Awards, probably violently blogging on his MacBook air, when he felt the urge to purge through his pee hole. Since he's Kanye, he couldn't be bothered with walking 20 or 30 steps to the nearest toilet. So he got up and pissed all over the carpet. In Kanye's beautiful mind, I'm sure he figured he was cleansing the carpet with his greatness. At least he didn't have to go caca.

Kanye was sharing a dressing room with the Ting Tings and they were a little surprised to have his piss all over the floor. Their drummer told The Sun, “We ask for a lot of unusual things on our backstage rider but that ain’t one of them!”

Really Kanye?

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Mara said...

Due to men's anatomy, it is pathetic that he could not find a cup or bag or something in which he could insert his, assumingly, small weiner into and relieve himself!