Wednesday, November 12, 2008


After Naturi Naughton got kicked out of 3LW (Who? Yeah, I know. But if you do remember them, have you seen the backshot pics that are of Adrienne that are being spread all over the web? Those Disney girls should be kept away from digitals cameras and computers. )I didn't expect to her hear from her again. Imagine my surprise when she was chosen to play the part of Lil' Kim in the upcoming film "Notorious". I saw the trailer for the film, and I must say, she did appear to have Kim's movements down. I hope she does well, Lil' Kim's role def deserves to be done justice.
But can we leave it for the movie? Please? Because this picture of Naturi "being" Kim or whatever she's trying to do on the cover of King magazine is giving me the heebie jeebies. Wholly unappealing.
OK, lets get some real Kim to wash that picture out of our eyes.

aaaaahhhhh....Much better. Let's keep the party goin'...

OK, OK, we can invite 3LW to the party too.

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