Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Favorite Halloween Costume.

The more I see/hear from Heidi Klum the cooler she gets. A few years ago I was in downtown Brooklyn with my boyfriend and this jeweler starts showing us pics of Heidi coming in to get her gold fronts! Hilarious!
Anyway, she further showcased the awesomeness by dressing up for Halloween as Kali Ma. AKA Kali, Kalika, Smashana Kali, etc.

Kali Ma is the Hindu Goddess of creation and destruction, and I personally find her to be one of the most fascinating religious figures. Complex and powerful, she is often found drinking blood, gobbling entrails, and doing all manner of things Stephen King couldn't conjure up.

Therefore, she is often misunderstood, and seen as a goddess of death, but her purpose is to liberate the soul by overcoming the idea that YOU are YOUR BODY. Whatever your religion, should you choose to follow one, there is always the promise that you are more than just flesh, and Kali Ma intends to impress that upon you in ways that may appear frightening. The association with death comes into play because the soul can only be liberated by the death of the body, but we humans harbor this strange attachment to our bodies don't we?
So for wearing a costume that makes you go Hmmm...I commend you Heidi!

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