Monday, November 3, 2008

Your Bookie May Have The Cure For Your Nov. 4th Jitters.

An interesting article on suggests that bookies may have the best handle on the election outcome. I know that I've been feeling like the polls I see on the news just cant be accurate, the results generally do 180's depending on whether the media outlet is conservative or liberal.
Obama is ahead in national polls, but then the Bradley Effect gets brought up and everyone shrugs their shoulders.

But while polls may be wrong, bookmakers cant afford to be, their cash is on the line. On Election day 2004, the race was still tight between Kerry and Bush according to polls, but Betfair, the worlds largest Internet gaming exchange had Bush with a 91% chance to win. They also accurately predicted the outcome of all 50 states, as did rival site Intrade.

So, if it helps you get through this final day a little easier, Betfair currently lists Barack Obama as the overwhelming favorite to win, 1-7.
You still better go vote!

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