Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday: It Ain't Over Till It's Over!

Who wanted to go out on Black Friday anyway? For a sale? To get elbowed and god forbid, trampled? No thank you. I'll take leftover turkey and a movie marathon.

But that doesn't mean I missed out, there are plenty of great deals online. I was able to shop from the comfort of my home. Here are a few websites offering a great selection on "Black Friday" sales which are lasting until Monday! Plus I heard Monday is AKA "Cyber Monday" so I don't even know if I should buy now, or if Monday is going to be the super-sale... is offering $50 off when you spend over $250, $100 off when you spend over $500 etc. Which makes this cute little winter jacket by ADD DOWN only $205.
Original retail price: $365

Over at they're offering 30% of off everything on the site when you enter the promo code blckfrd at check out. They also offer free shipping and there's no tax! Which brings this adorable Botkier bag that I was eyeing a few months ago until Alicia convinced me I didn't need it, but now I think I really do need it anddonttrytostopme!!!! down to $446. Original retail price: $638 (plus tax call it $700)

And at you can let loose your inner equestrian and get in on the sale-on-top-of-the-sale. On top of a huge selection of sale items they also have a promo-code. Type in Holiday2008 at checkout for an additional 30% off your total.
These tops would have cost you $179 and $90, respectively. With the sales you'll be scooping them up for about $55 and $40.


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