Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thick Legs and all...

Just recently, as Kamilah has already stated we saw Secret Life of the Bees...where Alicia Keys was one of the co-stars. I remember remarking to Kamilah that Alicia Keys has "cankles"... you know.. Fat ass ankles :)

(See pic above)Point Noted!

Being a girl with thick legs, I know that this in no way takes away from Alicia's beauty, it's just funny to look @. Here are a few of the latest pics of Alicia Keys looking stunning...

So tell me... what will it be CaNkLeS or ANKLES? Does it really make a difference?

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Avyanka said...

Um, if you think THOSE are cankles then I am afraid what you'd say about mine! LOL. I think that if the worst thing you can find wrong about yourself are your ankles, then you aren't doing so bad... Alicia Keys is beautiful and I love that she has some thickness going on. I am definitely one who has complained and nit picked about a body part or two - but really you gotta just work with what you got ladies!