Thursday, November 20, 2008

Get An A+ In Participation This Thanksgiving.

If You're hosting Thanksgiving this year, good luck to you babes! Have fun with those dishes...
Thankfully, most of us will be guests this year, lightening the workload immeasurably.
Still, you should never show up empty-handed, and putting a little work into what you bring is always most impressive. If you want to cook something, but don't yet have a "signature dish" Check out The Food Network Website:
Or, the website for whichever chef you like best, be it Martha, Rachael, or Emeril BAM!
and try your hand at a recipe.

I suggest you experiment, and try cooking a dish or two at home for yourself first. You don't want to be embarrassed when your platter is the untouchable one.
I always bring something that
1. I can cook well.
2. Travels well. Food is eaten with all the senses, you don't want yours to get all jacked up looking on the ride over. It may taste good, but it will look like someone stepped on it.
3. Does not require much prep or re-heating time. You absolutely do not want to take up time in someone else's kitchen while they are preparing their meal!
4. Try not to step on your hosts toes by preparing something they are already making.

That said, I think pasta dishes are a great option. Ziti, lasagna, baked mac & cheese. For dessert pies or cookies, please stay away from frosted cakes. See rule number 2.

If you truly are all thumbs in the kitchen, bring a bottle of wine or order a platter from Please don't front like you made it yourself, try the berries/chocolate platter, something where everyone won't ask you all evening of you cooked it.
I had an aunt that layed out some KFC one year and pretended she cooked it. Everyone knows finger lickin' good when they taste it!

Good Luck!

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