Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Michelle Obama X Narciso Rodriguez = 1st Lady Is Stylin' On You!

The fashion set has genuine cause to be excited this morning. Not only because last night's victor is Barack Obama — who the fashion industry overwhelmingly supported and whose campaign they generously helped finance — but because Michelle Obama shall go with him to the White House with truckloads of fabulous taste and clothes. Last night she wore a dress from Narciso Rodriguez's spring 2009 collection, one of the most critically acclaimed of New York Fashion Week. Michelle's style has impressed on the campaign trail with frugal finds from places like J.Crew and H&M and designer threads by designers like Narciso and Thakoon. But we don't recall seeing her jump seasons ahead. That dress hit the runway less than eight weeks ago and isn't on sales floors yet, which means special arrangements were made between Michelle and Narciso. Perhaps he lent it to her, or she asked to purchase it after he sent it to her. We have a feeling she'll continue to mix affordable pieces with designer pieces as First Lady (squeals!), but this wardrobe choice proves this woman knows fashion and we have an exciting four years of political fashion ahead of us. What will she choose for the inaugural ball? The suspense is so exciting already! And you know what else is great about this? We don't have to envy France for Carla Bruni anymore!

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Jessie said...

I love the dress she picked :) I read some negative comments about her choice on other sites and don't understand them!