Friday, October 17, 2008

Aubrey O'Day Stands Up For Women's Rights

As Expected Aubrey O'Day was kicked out of Danity Kane. Puff cited the reason for her removal as general slutitude. D. Woods was also kicked out, who knows why?

Aubrey hit MTV after the airing of the Making The Band finale, to express her feelings on being fired. D.Woods apparently didn't give an eff.
Aubrey actually even made me feel bad for her for a moment. In this clip she expresses how difficult it was for her to speak out on the subject, but she's doing it for everyone that gets shit-talked. She laments over always being called a whore, when in reality, she's just being true to herself. A true whore.

She looks completely worn out in person. Alicia and I ended up in extremely close proximity to this trashbag at a party the other night, I started wondering if cooties could jump 3-4 feet.
I made sure to angle Alicia so she could block any critters that were looking to abandon ship.(Sorry, hon.)

Seriously, the things Aubrey would say in interviews should not be whispered into your pillow as you sleep alone in bed. GOD is listening! And he doesn't want to hear that mess.
It is a shame to get called a slut by Puff though, he's a total skeez. His next name change should be The Clam-burglar.

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