Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beyonce Vs. Sasha Fierce

...Or is that Sade?

Anyway, it looks as though the rumors about Beyonce's new album being a double disc are true. But it wont be all Beyonce, one of the discs will be the work of "Sasha Fierce" Beyonce's alter ego.

So that was Beyonce singing sweetly to us about how men just don't understand what we women go through on "Like A Boy".
But it was that naughty Sasha showing us her Texas "wine an skin out" on "Single Ladies"
See, Beyonce is a nice girl, but that Sasha needs a spanking. Get it?

I'll let Rolling Stone break it down for you:
Beyoncé had a busy weekend, revealing a pair of new videos and more details from her November 18th album I Am. The LP is rumored to be a double-disc album featuring two distinct styles. “I Am Beyoncé” will reportedly feature the more introspective mid-tempo songs and ballads, while Disc Two, dubbed “I Am Sasha,” features the more aggressive dance numbers. The split is showcased in two new black-and-white videos — “Single Ladies” from the more mischievous “Sasha” disc (above) and “If I Were a Boy” via the “Beyoncé” half.
“Sasha” is short for B’s longtime alter ego “Sasha Fierce,” and a pair of viral sites emerged over the weekend — “Who is Sasha Fierce?” lists a phone number to join the Sasha Fierce Mobile Mob. Beyoncé first began discussing Sasha publicly in 2005, when she told Vanity Fair that was the name of her more outrageous stage persona. She also blamed Sasha for taking over her 2004 Grammy performance with Prince.

-Rolling Stone

I need an alter-ego for when I want to act up too. Her name will be K-Nasty, and I will now be blaming her for every trifling thing I do. Now my boyfriend can't get mad at me when there's no ice cream left in the freezer. Don't blame me, blame K-Nasty!