Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Esquire Magazine Names Halle Berry Sexiest Woman Alive.

Excerpts from Halle's "acceptance speech".

Wow. Sexiest woman alive, huh?
I've been in the business for more than twenty years, and you decide now, at this particular time, that I'm the sexiest woman alive? Come on. I mean, you couldn't go with the Bond-girl year? You didn't like the orange bikini? I liked the orange bikini. That would have been a pretty good year. Or what about the Monster's Ball year? That was a sexy moment. Couldn't you have packaged that up with some list of the best movie sex scenes ever? That would have been very easy, very magaziney. But 2008? Well, I don't know exactly what it means, but being forty-two and having just had a baby, I think I'll take it.
Does being the sexiest woman alive imply that I know a thing or two about what's sexy and, possibly, about sex itself? I'm not sure, but here's what I do know: I know damned well I'm sexier now than I used to be. Let me make an argument here -- not so much for me, or even for my age being sexy, but for what I've learned. I've picked up a little over the years. Sexy is not about wearing sexy clothes or shaking your booty until you damn near get hip dysplasia; it's about knowing that sexiness is a state of mind -- a comfortable state of being. It's about loving yourself even in your most unlovable moments. I know a little bit about that.
So, yes, there are times when I feel like the sexiest woman alive, but would I ever argue that I am the sexiest woman alive? Of course not. I figure at one moment the sexiest woman alive is a waitress in Abilene, Texas. And in the very next second, it's a woman in the bush of Vanuatu. Then, right away, somewhere else. Sex and sexiness. It's all about the moment; it's about what you know as much as it is what you offer. That's why I share this title with every woman, because every woman is a nominee for it at any moment

Awww...Hal...(sniff sniff) thank you.
Seriously, this is a lovely sentiment and I agree with it 100%. Plus it is beyond awesome that a woman in her forties who just (JUST) had a baby was chosen. She is incredibly sexy, it's just unfortunate that often it's the 18 year olds who may have had sex, but really dont know jack about sex or sexiness who are upheld as the epitome of what is "sexy". Sexy is all about confidence and being happy with yourself, and in this article Halle sounds like a happy and confident woman. Which makes me happy and confident. We're spreading the sexy! Look out now!

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