Friday, October 10, 2008

Mara Hoffman

I've been looking for the dress that Kim Kardashian is wearing in this picture. Unfortunately, I was unable to find it for sale anywhere, it's probably last season. I did learn that it's by a designer named Mara Hoffman, who has some things I like for the fall/winter season, so my search wasn't a total bust.

Mara Hoffman is best known by her sexy and sophisticated creations on HBO's hit "Sex and the City". The designers's specialty dyed and batiked jersey-knit garments are uniquely distinct and are inspired by nature and the beauty exhibited by world cultures. This taste of the exotic by Mara Hoffman has caught the eye of fabulous ones such as Naomi Campbell and Kate Hudson.

Since I cant get the dress that sent me on this journey, I'll pick up one of these to console myself.

Both items available in Black, Brown, and Gray @

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