Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Holly Madison Has Left The Building.

Holly Madison reported to TMZ last night, that she and Hugh Hefner have called it quits.
I guess she hasn't exactly left the building though, according to her myspace blog she has been "too busy to move out of the Playboy mansion", she and Hef remain "best friends", and besides they've got a show to do!
I cant say that I've ever watched an entire episode of Girls Next Door, but I know that Holly Madison was Hef's main squeeze, that she had been trying for awhile to convince him to marry her and have children, and that he had been reluctant. Then it seemed they had decided to try for a baby, but it wasn't going too well.

You never know how much of a relationship like this is just for show (literally), but I'm going to assume that there was love here. It must have been difficult for Holly to face the reality that this person she loved wasn't capable of giving her the life she wanted. The title of "Hef's main girl" was probably fun a few years ago, but for a woman who wants marriage and children, that lifestyle with other women around had to be infuriating. Best of luck, Holly!

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