Monday, October 27, 2008



If you've checked in with us at SGHI regularly, then you can tell from some of our posts that we are a left leaning group when it comes to politics. The three of us made up our minds long ago regarding the candidate we would be voting for come Nov. 4th 2008, and we have avidly watched the debates and speeches in order to keep abreast of new developments and ensure that our decisions were right and well informed.
We have tried to keep our readers as informed, without swaying you to choose one candidate or the other. It is so important for each person to educate themselves on the facts and choose accordingly. But with only a week left until election day, we felt it important to state officially that all 3 members of SGHI will be voting for Barack Obama, and give you some of the reasons why we support him.

We believe that Barack Obama's plan to change the future of America is a solid one, and that he has the vision and leadership to move us as a nation in a better and stronger direction. The opportunity to vote for him is our nations greatness at our fingertips, and when the day comes we will be a part of that movement.

We stand firmly behind Obama's Blueprint for change.

We believe that everyone should have affordable health care.

We believe that everyone should be able to afford higher education. Under Obamas administration a $4000 credit for college tuition will be given for 100 hours public service. He also supports public college being free to students with a "B" average or higher.

We believe in safely ending a war which has done nothing to benefit Americans, is a drain on our weakened economy, and has claimed more lives than the incident which allegedly sparked said war in the first place.

We believe in every woman's right to choose. A life is a precious gift, but a child should be wanted and given all the love and care an able parent can provide.

We believe in protecting our world now for a healthier tomorrow. Educating Americans on recycling, reducing carbon emissions, developing alternative fuels, and renewable energy sources.

We believe that Americas image can be restored as that of a leader in the World with the right person in charge. America needs an intelligent and diplomatic leader, not a Joe Six Pack.

Barack Obama has managed to electrify a nation that has long been jaded by its government. Never in our lifetime have we seen such excitement in politics, such a fervor for knowledge from those who never believed that the leaders of their country had the peoples best interest in mind. It is an incredible and historic time we live in, one that many never got to see, and that some never thought they would.

Barack Obama is not a savior, and the President does not act autonomously. We understand that some feel the President is just a figurehead, and that nothing will change should Obama become elected, but now is your chance to find out. Let's see what one good person can do to sway us, as a nation, in the right direction. Lets find out what CHANGE is all about by electing someone different from the 43 Presidents who came before him.

We want to be a part of this moment we can tell our children about someday, and when we send those children out into the world with the promise that they can be anything they want to be, we need for that promise to finally be true.
We hope you feel the same way, and that you will be standing in line with us at the polls on Nov. 4th to welcome a new era.

Wishing you the best in Life, Liberty and The Pursuit Of Happiness


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